Who We Are ?

The International Institute of Inspiration Economy was established as a Non-Profit Registered Institute in August 2015, in Southern Central Europe in Slovenia, to develop and accelarate the best practices of Inspiration Economy across the whole world.

IIIE will bring together academics, scientists, business owners, public service leaders, practitioners, youth activitise, innovators, business entrepreneurs, social entreprenuers and all those with passion for using, utilising or targeting inspiration to carry out many activities that would promote and spread the importance and value of Inspiration Economy and its relevant impact on our future societies. IIIE is an organisation that is established to bring more focus to a better socio-economy policies, standards, projects and most of all a mindset that believes in potential power of humans to more stable and sustainable society.

IIIE Mission

IIIE is to establish, develop, collaborate and improve the importance of Inspiration Economy through projects, workshops, researches, promotion campaigns and education across the world. This is done through connecting scientists, business owners, public service leaders, practitioners and the youth helps together produce and/or exchanging many diverse world best practices that would help to explore the potential of inspiration in the socio-economy.

IIIE Vision

By 2020, IIIE would be the leading international organisation that inspires decision makers, society activitist, scientists, academics and business leaders towards bringing together a better socio-economic conditions that would promote the best Inspiration Economy practices.

CALL FOR PAPERS: 1st International Conference on Inspiration Economy

Youth Inspiration Forum - 2016

Youth Inspiration Forum (Arabic) - 2016